The Journey of the Lone Wolf

by Carolyn Nelson


Book One – The Bleeding Heart

On the journey of self-healing, with skills learned in therapy, I set off with just one purpose…find out ‘What was wrong with me!’ I had studied all the people by whom I had been abused, whilst re-living the emotions… but felt nothing but confused! Such confusion is quite normal when you’re told, you must atone, and, like all who have been damaged, I believed I was ‘alone’. ‘Alone’ is how the wounded feel, seeking blame for what was done, but once I removed the blinkers… I discovered ‘I’m the one’. ‘I’m the one’ whose tunnel-vision kept me hampered by the past, ‘I’m the one’ who had no choices through the shadows that were cast.

Book Two – Educating an Empath

Recognising the bad habits which had made a fool of me, helped me understand the answer is… Responsibility. Not for other’s chosen actions, but my conduct… my mistake… My emotional responses, Are the choices that I make! For all those who seek self-healing, and will walk the lone path too, I extend a wish for empaths… ‘May my walking shoes fit you.’ You need not start your adventure with the shadows that were cast, change your focus of attention… There’s no future in the past!!


The Journey of the Lone Wolf – 2 book set

Book one: The Journey of the Lone Wolf – The bleeding heart

Book two: The Journey of the Lone Wolf – Educating an Empath

Powerfully written in rhyme (for adults)  –  by Carolyn Nelson


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